Monday, February 23, 2009

Freshwater Streams

Where do we draw the line between sanctity and sacrifice? Between commitment and compromise? How much compromise is healthy? How far do I run with idealism before it starts weighing me down? On what wings will I fly? Whose promises will I believe?

Sometimes it seems I'm working for Greenpeace while dumping oil in secret freshwater streams.

Lately, it seems marriage is for everyone else. That it's something true and good for them but not for me. Not because I wasn't designed for it, but because of my oil-dumping, you see.

A good friend told me that "a woman's heart must be so taken by God that I have to go to Him to get it."

What a beautiful metaphor. for everyone else.


mrs. bear said...

I'm wondering what it is about marriage that you're so drawn to.

holly elaine said...

Your best posts are when you are real like this.

Shawn Melody said...

I agree with Holly.

Mike Shook said...

Love you. Thats it.