Monday, June 25, 2007


I'm sick of complaining.

(how ironic is that I'm COMPLAINING about complaining?)

School is pretty much over. Barring the failure of my senior capstone project, I should be on my way to graduate-hood and even more uncertainty.

A college graduate. Wow, I always kind of "knew" it would happen, that one day I'd actually finish the job, but I've never really considered the feeling and implication of it actually happening. The change is purely psychological for me, some people I know are getting new jobs, new opportunities, making more money as a result of their graduating, but me, my life is the same.

Now, I suppose I get the smug satisfaction of being able to SAY I'm a graduate, and now on those little annoying surveys I can check the"college graduate" bubble instead of "some college," but, since I'll still be checking the very top income bubble, I can't help but feeling like my life hasn't changed much.

Other than that, some interesting prospects coming my way in other avenues of life.