Tuesday, September 05, 2006

a standstill

Somtimes, well, most of the time, I feel like my life isn't developing at the normal rate. I grew up with my parents, uncles and older acquaintances getting married at about the age I am now. They were buying houses, going to family dinners, and washing their cars on Saturdays. They were working during the week and shopping on the weekends, taking boating trips and vacations.

Where am I in relation to this?

Not close.

I'm going to school (barely passing), working a marginal job which pays me occasionally. I do live on my own, which is a boon to my own existence, but begrudgingly. I have a world of credit card and school loan debt which piles up faster than it is paid off. I want a ring on my finger, a silver-colored promise of security. A small, shining announcement of my station in life. I want to e responsible for my family, and have the means to do so successfully. I want to take my nephews out on the weekends (have none).

Life in comparison.. Is disappointing.