Wednesday, September 03, 2008


There's something about eating fish. It feels so right, so... biblical. Sure it's probably processed and canned by small-limbed indentured immigrants from Albania working 16 hour days in the humid Florida heat, but seriously, think of all the protein I'm getting. Great!

Back to teaching this year. It's been good so far, two days in, two days down. Classes and students seem to be a bit more manageable. I find myself sleeping at night, which is a step forward.

Speaking of steps forward. I've made it a mandate upon my life to each day move forward, or at least to move. Following college, it's becoming increasingly easy to find comfort in routine. It's easy to fulfill my own expectations if my expectations are limited to what I know.

It's cyclical, we do what we expect and we expect to do what we do. It's as redundant as it is asexually incestuous (I am nuts.) But if we adventure to live a life outside of what we know, we find security in understanding that God wants excellence from us. It's taken me awhile to understand that God wants us to be the best at what we do.

It's not a pride issue, it's not a strike against our humility, but why shouldn't we work harder than most? Why shouldn't we rise up as leaders in every field?

I keep repeating the maxim "Wrong action is better than inaction," and it's every bit as powerful and sobering and confronting as it was the first time I heard it.



The Passerby said...

so how much better than us is your new journalism class? ^_^

Ashley said...

Glad your new school year is going well so far!! The second year is easier than the first. It sounds like God is really working on your heart and moving you forward, which is awesome. As long as you stay "in-tune" to what He is saying and are willing to move forward, God will move you!

Seaner said...

haha, it's twice the size! We've got 20 or so, which is cool.

Your guys' original group is pretty (really) hard to beat.