Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Monday - Friday God

Sometimes I feel like I believe in a Monday-Friday God.

Like me and God fist-pound on the way out of the office and say things like "Sweet, man. See you Monday."

It's like I think God takes weekends off too, like we're just co-workers. Just two guys at work who help each other's weeks move faster.

Sure, I visit on Sundays and say a few words here and there on Saturdays but really, the weekends, when I actually have available free time, I pretend like I don't know God.

I have time to read and pray and thank God for another beautiful week of life. Another week in which my family was healthy and safe. But it's the hardest for me.

I come home on Friday and take Him off and store Him with my dress shoes, waiting for Monday when I need them again.

I think that rather than "see you Monday," God's saying "There's nothing I'd rather do. I've got nothing better to do than be with you, so give me a call this weekend."

"if you aren't too busy."

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julsie said...

Wow, that's really insightful...
It's so easy to put God into this routine we have and then leave Him out of the "fun", non-obligatory, non-routine things.
I like how you put God's "response", how He is like the lover who wants nothing more than to be with us. He is the friend who wants to hang out after work, school, whatever...just...hang out.