Monday, September 12, 2005


I hate getting so down, I hate writing about it and spiraling into a controlled spin of self-pity. It's like subconsciously i like being in this place. Looking up from below the water.

I can swim, but i wont.

Reflecting on this past year brings to mind the amazing things i've been lucky enough to be apart of.

In the past year, I have been to Europe and have seen places and people and things most people in this world would never dream of. I have seen most of the states, and again met amazing, interesting people I might never forget. I have been apart of a few bands who are destined for amazing levels of success. I have made, kept, and nourished friendships which will redefine my life. I have continued to grow a million dollar business, and remain self employed with amazing amounts of freedom and potential.

These are life shaping experiences, and I am astonished, and overwhelmed at the idea of having so much.
Thank you God.

Thank you so much.

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