Saturday, May 01, 2010

Goodbye Facebook (for now)

I could tell you that I'm giving up Facebook for a month because it's simply next on my monthly list of "discipline projects" or I could be superholy and say that I'm "Surrendering" Facebook, maybe even call it a "fast" - I suppose those things are true, but only half-true.

I check Facebook a lot.

At work, at home, on my phone - straight up - I check it all the time. And, after some pausing and introspection, I really can't figure out why. Maybe it's the same reason we all check it constantly, checking in on "our world" - or worse, some kind of post-modern indulgence - counting comments and nods like flair or checkmarks of affirmation.

Whatever it is, it's become unhealthy for me and it's going away for a month - at least.

So, besides not knowing what 430 people are doing everyday, or who (still) hates Mondays - or which of my old students are working their way towards drinking problems, I'm excited for this month's abstinence. But abstaining for the sake of abstaining isn't enough, is it? Whatever's been given up, needs an interim (de)vice to fill it's void, to align the wayward compass or the whole meaning of sacrifice is lost.

So, I will turn to writing, or reading, or simply being silent and wonderfully disengaged.

I've already turned my attention to next month's discipline project, and I've decided I don't want to do it alone. Anyone want to give something up for a month, or better - DO something consistently, everyday for a full 30 days? Let's brainstorm, let's change our lives, lets live better, fuller, deeper stories.


Otana (aka Theophila) said...

I'm joining you! No more Facebook for me this month. Within the hour since I've given it up, someone has emailed me with the purpose of proving that email can be an equal distraction. It made me smile.

But seriously, I'm glad you wrote this. I totally find myself doing the same thing -- checking Facebook all the time for no clearly discernible reason. It's a waste of time at best, and a waste of my life at worst. The obsessive checking, I mean.

So please keep blogging the experience. I think it's good for you, and I know it's good for the rest of us.

Rissa said...

I've been giving up 1 new thing every month and adding to it the next so by December I'll have 12 things. And for everything I am taking away, I'm adding something. I wrote about it a few times. I'm with you all the way.

rockymtn.hello said...

gave up fb myself 6 weeks ago - 2 "friends" emailed or texted me to find out what was going on - I now have a lot more time to watch tv, dvd's, play guitar or exercise --- still unemployed and still feeling incredibly unproductive in this life - but I still blog, as if that mattered. You are incredibly skilled at communication - don't lose that gift.

Seaner said...

I'm so stoked for where this is headed. Honestly, it's been a relief; every time I sit down and "want" to check the old FB, it's nice to pause to ask myself "why?" I haven't yet found a compelling enough answer.

ESteinhouser said...

I just started doing the same thing this month, it's not FB for me this month, but meat. I could go into all the ins and outs and reasons but that's for another time. Long story short, whatever you want to do next month ... count me in man. Count me in.

Paige said...

Your blog influenced me to try and give up something for a week (gotta start somewhere haha) First thing I gave up was meat. I didn't realize how much of it I ate until I noticed everything I order when I eat out normally has meat in it haha

Seaner said...

haha totally. I did meat last month, honestly - just get somewhat creative and it actually gets pretty easy.

I haven't always been a veggie lover, but I found that there's a new kind of satisfaction that comes from fresh food. I think I only learned that through giving up meat.

Want to join us next month?!

Paige said...

Yes! I totally do! There are so Many things I can give up (soda and fast food, mainly) but it's so hard because I'm constantly on the go. I'm either at work, sleeping, at a bike race, or actualy on my bike. I cant find the time to cook especially when I AM home, it's after 9pm and my parents are asleep. It's hard for me to stay off of facebook or twitter because that's how I stay connected to the cycling industry. I'll figure something out haha