Thursday, April 02, 2009

Eldredge and Perspective.

Great Eldredge quote.

Have you ever had to literally turn a lover over to a mortal enemy to allow her to find out for herself what his intentions toward her really were? Have you ever had to lie in bed knowing she was believing his lies and was having sex with him every night? Have you ever sat helplessly by in a parking lot, while your enemy and his friends took turns raping your lover even as you sat nearby, unable to win her heart enough so she would trust you to rescue her? Have you ever called this one you had loved for so long, even the day after her rape, and asked her if she was ready to come back to you only to have her say her heart was still captured by your enemy? Have you ever watched your lover’s beauty slowly diminish and fade in a haze of alcohol, drugs, occult practices, and infant sacrifice until she is no longer recognizable in body or soul? Have you ever loved one so much that you even send your only son to talk with her about your love for her, knowing that he will be killed by her? (And in spite of knowing all of this, he was willing to do it because he loved her, too, and believed you were meant for each other.)

All this and more God has endured because of his refusal to stop loving us. Indeed, the very depth and faithfulness of his love for us, along with his desire for our freely given love in return, are what give Satan the ammunition to wound God so deeply as he carries out his unceasing campaign to make us into God’s enemy.

The Sacred Romance
, 106
So often I minimize my own role in Jesus' life/death. Even as I type this (and it's hard to) I sit justifying myself. Measuring myself against the actions of "far worse sinners." Here I sit, polishing my pride.

In all of my attempts to run from him, every time I've shouted hate into the sky, every time I've wanted to disbelieve, he's purchased me.

God, save me from the times in my weakness that I fall into my enemy. Save me from the times that I am strong, and weaken myself to join my enemy. May your enemies be mine. And give me the eyes to know who they are.


S.M.K. said...

That is both very direct and graffic. The point is well made, however, and I am glad you made this post.

More than it Seems to Be said...

the fact that He has done so much for us, knowing we will never fully understand his love is amazing. i love that He still loves us through our times of apathy, idolatry, our disinterest

holly elaine said...

A man suggested this book to me about 4 years ago when I was in Canada. I couldn't remember the title when I got home, so I've been searching every possible outlet since. So, I owe you a thank you, now I'm going to go buy it.

Mrs. Bear said...

I just started this book. It's my fourth Eldredge book this year. I can't stop :)

nwestwick said...

Love it, Sean! Keep it up! I cringed when I read Eldredge's quote--especially apropos on this Easter weekend on the heels of Good Friday, when I am reminded it is me, and me alone, who put Jesus on the cross, and in anticipation of Easter Sunday, when Christ's grand act of Freedom is remembered...

Thank God for Sunday...

Derek Hickman said...

Eldredge. Eldredge? Eldredge!

When I read him, these are the punctuations/emotions he conjures on the page.

Sometimes I'm bored out of my mind because he can be very specific and what he's saying may not relate to my life.

Many times he makes me question and think and dig (all which are good).

Occasionally, and rightly so, he writes something so incredibly poignan, like what i just read here. These are the exclamation parts of his writing.

My prayer is your prayer. If I had the time and fortitude, I would watch the opening scene from the "Passion of the Christ" every morning before I start my day - the scene where Christ prays in the garden. What a incredible depiction of our Enemy!