Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Think about this quote.

"The deeper you inhale the stronger you can exhale" - Erwin McManus - Chasing Daylight
and give me your thoughts


Anonymous said...

...however, if you strive to inhale indefinitely, you'll die, and therefore never exhale at all. Or inhale ever again, for that matter. So attempting to attain a ridiculous level of inhalation goes against common sense and your health.

Which I guess means people shouldn't be so focused on trying to have more than those around them; it ends up killing you, in a way. Hmmm...

Duke said...

Funny today while i was sprinting for football training i was having trouble breathing and i was taking shallow breaths. It wasn't cutting it and i was almost fainting and was really light headed. My Dad came over to me and told me i need to take deep breaths because my shallow breaths weren't cutting it.
What i think is you can't be taking these short shallow breaths expecting to strongly exhale and work out that cramp in your diaphragm. You need good deep inhaling.

Holly said...

I think they're both right. I also think, that it has a lot to do with what you get out of something being directly connected to how much you put into it, whatever the situation may be.

Separate from actually breathing, if you expect a great relationship with someone, but don't put in any effort, you aren't going to get that great relationship. Obviously if you put in the effort, the outcome of a greater relationship is that much more likely.

Now, more directly linked, he is talking about taking in something and then releasing that same thing out. I think that has to do with a lot of situations too. For example, the people you hang out with. Say they're mostly negative. If all you're taking in is negativity, you're going to begin to let out a greater amount of negativity. This amount of negativity will be directly proportional to the amount you are taking in.

BUT, this is not to say you shun negative people from your life. This extends to the thought from 1 Corinthians of not associating with sexually immoral people from the church. Nowadays, Christians get this idea of not "dining with sinners" and the like, and get to the point where they only hang out with a group of Christians from their own church. A group that rarely takes in new members. I believe, by the grace of God, we are still called, as Jesus did, to eat with the prostitutes, the sluggards, the tax collectors of our day.. and can do so without taking in all of their toxins. If we get caught up in their worlds, it can definitely be dangerous. And when diving into a new world like that, you should definitely prepare with prayer and accountability so that you won't get sucked in as well. However, are we Christians to save ourselves or to reach others for the kingdom of God? God can keep us from taking in their wrong doing and expending it, and instead help us to expend knowledge and love that they will take in, and in turn breathe out themselves.

Wow. Sorry for the rant. Random, indeed.