Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Always so plugged in.
Always so digital. My ears consumed by songs i've heard a hundred times before, words sung by rich entertainers bounce between my ears. The phone I talk on, the computer i type into, the car I drive.

How is it possible to be so disconnected while being more connected than ever?
The great irony of it all is that our instruments of communication are now existing to disinvolve those without the proper media. The greatest irony is that we are so much further apart now than we were.
The beginning of the end?
Don't be so apocalypctic, the digital age is upon us. The time is now. We are socially, intellectually and emotionally developing at twice the speed of time. Things are good, they tell me. They tell us, things are good.
Soon they will clone our pesky, problematic parts and we will be like new humans. With old souls, and old hearts and stale, sore faces that haven't reason to smile. Replacements of replacements.

The american way is becoming the way to be. The becoming way to be.

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