Tuesday, July 19, 2005

a sea of discontent. a sea of good intention.

I think i can find something wrong with every situation. Not that i'm obsessed with negativity. Quite the opposite, i'm probably optimistic to the point of irrationality, but rose tinted goggles usually distort. I've lived in a fantasy world of protection for 22 years, and now that the veil is slowly being lifted, i'm confused. I just dont understand.

Sometimes, i just want to burn these sails and stop moving.
Just float for awhile. Somtimes i just want to stop everything.

It's easy to stop when you aren't going anywhere in the first place. It's getting harder to support my own weight anymore. Life is moving around me faster than it ever has, keeping up with the world is getting harder to do. Staying ahead of everyone is becoming impossible.

how can i keep up when i can't keep up with myself?

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